Friday, December 28, 2012

Larry Bird's All-Star picks

My All-Star picks are fairly similar to Chucks, which is not that unexpected.  Over in the East, we came up with the same starters.  I don't think Bron or Melo need any introduction.  They'll be occupying those two spots for years to come.  Varejao has been having a career year, putting up 14&14, and is getting rewarded.  The Celtics haven't been too impressive, but Rondo is putting up career highs in points and assists (12 assists/game is crazy talk) and is generally the main reason the Celts stay competitive.  I went back and forth between Kyrie and Jrue for the last spot.  In the end, a combination of injuries, the Cavs stinking, and not seeing any rational way for the Cavs to have 2 starters, I had to go with the hometown hero Jrue.  Breakout season, and is doing his best to keep the Sixers relevant in spite of the massive 7-foot void in the middle of the team.  Kyrie will get a bench spot, with Tyson Chandler, Brandon Jennings, Joakim Noah and Bosh. 

We differed a little in the West.  Can't debate KDTrey.  ZBo has been quietly having a great year, forming probably the best frontcourt out there with Marc Gasol.  Tim Duncan, while not necessarily my favorite player, has rolled back the clock and is leading the Spurs, yet again, to one of the best records in the West.  Gotta give him recognition for that.  It boggles my mind Chuck would leave Chris Paul off the starters...Seriously, don't understand that one.  Best player and leader of the team with the best record in the L, and probably 3rd best overall player out there.  I don't need to get into it, but he's a starter.  Taking Harden for the last spot.  Got thrust into the limelight and has been handling it quite well, sitting 4th in the league in scoring.  Kobe has been playing some ridiculous ball, but I would rather reward the guy keeping his team in the playoff mix without having multiple All-Stars/HOFers.   Kobe can man the bench, with Ibaka, RussRuss, Blake, Aldridge, Lawson, Faried, Asik and more keeping him company. 

Don't need to go on a rant about it, but fan voting for starters is fucking stupid.  Just seeing Lin, Howard, Wade, and DWill at the top of the ballots says all that needs to be said about that. 

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