Thursday, June 6, 2013


Step behind the velvet ropes of the NBA finals locker rooms with Club Bosh. Currently playing on repeat in the Miami Heat locker room:

And the Spurs are playing this, an old favorite:

Friday, May 31, 2013


The Heat played like shit (other than U-God), but Lebron decided that he wasn't losing, great game, whatever. Finally got the white boy rumble we've been waiting for:
It all started with a cheap shot from Birdman, but he definitely got the last laugh. Ain't easy being Psycho T.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

K. Smooth WITHERS!!!

Even though he finished with 27-7-7, Kevin Durant was 2-for-8 from the field in the fourth quarter and then 0-for-5 in overtime in the Thunder's loss to Memphis last night. Ol' Business Tats was the first NBA player in five years to miss at least 11 field-goal attempts after the third quarter in a postseason game. Mike Conley, Jr. lead Memphis with 24, and Z-Bo once again dominated down low, getting his to the tune of 23 and 12. Meanwhile, Marc Gasol put up 23 and 11 to go with 6 blocks to lead the Grizzlies.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nate Robinson Goes Into No Man's Land

Lebron and the Heat pulled even with Chicago this evening. 5 techs in the first quarter and a physical game (Wentz's boyfriend got tossed), but then the South Beach squad just took it to the Bulls.
The real story was Nate Robinson daring to go And-1 on Bosh Spice.
Ballsy move by lil' Nate. Remember, this is not the first time he has clowned the Keeper of the Great Sword of Gord-Dak-Tox. I would watch my back out there in the multiverse if I were you, Nate. Expect a visit from Wolfman Mike Miller.

Yeah JR!

After another epic 3-15 shooting night, JR Smith decided to join club VIP Rihanna up in da club.  Questionable behavior during the playoffs, but the boys here at da club encourage players to go get what's theirs.  Did JR in fact give Rihanna the pipe?  Are JR and Chris Brown preparing diss tracks?  Sources working to find out.  Stay posted.


Come on bruh, do me a solid

Dennis Rodman is well known for his eccentric lifestyle and fearless play on the hardwood.  Lately, he has transitioned into his new role as US Ambassador to North Korea / Secret government spy.  After a much-publicized trip to fraternize with Kim Jong Un, Rodman is back on the campaign trail.  He's now begun his public outcry for the release of American prisoner Kenneth Bae.  Bae was jailed for disrespecting the Dear Leader by taking photographs of starving children, and sentenced to hard labor.  An obviously precarious situation, which Rodman read with the wisdom of a political veteran.  His plea to the Supreme Leader is as follows:

Come on, Kim!  Do me a solid!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Don't count K. Smooth out just yet...

This should've been posted yesterday but I have a real life and a big boy job that required too much attention for me to get it up (cue erection jokes) so go fuck yourselves.  K. Smooth had an absolute monster of a game on Sunday.  35 points on 13/26 from the field to go along with 15 boards.  The highlight came on a 20 footer with 11.2 seconds left that gave the Thunder the lead for good.  The Thunder trailed for the entire contest and had absolutely no business winning this game.  Ibaka had 5 points on 1/10 from the field to go with 5 boards.  For the Thunder to win this series, he has to be substantially better.  K. Smooth willed this team to the win.  He had 12 of his points in the final 8 minutes and put each one of his teammates in his backpack and carried them to the promised land.

I know it's only game one, but everyone that counted the Thunder out needs to rethink their prediction.

This is how it feels to watch Steph Curry play on a nightly basis

This is also how it looks to have your mind blown.  Big night in the Association last night.  Steph Curry went for 44 on 18/35 from the field but the Warriors found a way to choke away a 15 point lead and lose on a Manu Ginobili 3 with 1.4 seconds left by a score of 129-127.  After Curry's 22 point 3rd quarter (on 9/12 shooting mind you), Bazemore and the bench boys had seen enough to know their brains were melting which produced the incredible gif below.  Really hope the Warriors can make a series out of this but that is just about as crushing a defeat as you can come across (especially considering Golden State hasn't won in San Antonio since 1997).

I'll let Larry and Benny elaborate on what the Queen and her men did last night... 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh shit (Part 9)

The scene: Game 6, in ChiTown.  Bulls improbably lead the series 3-2, missing half of their team, facing a Brooklyn Nets team desparate to prove they're worth all the money that crazy Ruski is paying them.  And nobody has put forth more effort than Nate Robinson, who has to secretly be happy the team is so injury-ridden.  Nothing like a shooter getting an excuse to put up 25 shots/game. 

So when little Nate sees the big goon Kris Humphries switched on to him, you can see his eyes light up.  Time to bust out the And-1 shit.

As expected, Nate leaves Humphries in the dust with ease, making a fool of the mouthbreather.  Awesome hesitation move, completely burns the cool guy, and scores.  But no fall, and the Bulls go on to lose the game.  Nate Robinson, I award you 4/5 Paul Pierce Wheelchairs.

Sorry, Kris. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Truth to all that nasty trash talk?

Sources close to the club have confirmed that KG gave the pipe to LaLa Anthony prior to Game 5 at the Garden last night.  The GIF below shows a heartfelt Jordan Crawford breaking the news to Melo after the Celtics disposed of the Knicks 92-86 to force Game 6 in Beantown.  Crawford can be seen trying to comfort Anthony, who was said to have some suspicion prior to tip because LaLa was wearing a KG jersey and smelled like fish.  All this could explain Melo's awful 22 points on 8/24 from the field.  Poor guy.  Hopefully he and Crawford settled into a couch after the game and watched some How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

The Mythical Double Charge

Can't argue with Benny... no excuse for Smoove not scoring a single fourth quarter point last night.  Guy was the only one who showed up though, putting up 36, 7 and 7.  If the Thunder don't have enough firepower to win when he puts up a line like that, its only a matter of time before they end up Kobe'd.  Oh and that guy who OKC got in the Harden deal?  2 points last night on 1/10 from the field.  Awesome.  Am I the only one who thinks the Rockets are a much better team with Patrick Beverley (burn in hell) at point than Jeremy Lin?  The curse of Jeremiah lives on.  First he injures Russ Russ then he injures Lin so he gives way to the superior player.

I'm also not going to make any comments on Scotty's ridiculous HackAsik strategy.  I guess if nothing else is working, you might as well try to pull a bunny out of your top hat.  yaknowwhatimean?

We did get to see an occurrence that prior to last night was thought to share the same real estate as the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Ben Wallace's offensive game and Marty's self control; the vaunted double flop.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Harden Runs OKC

I don't care who wins the series, that Harden three off the roll-out proves that he is the boss in OKC no matter what.
Hack-A-Sheikh? Nice strategy, Scotty.
More importantly, Smoov carried the load in the third, scoring 18. Unfortunately, he withered like a little bitch in the fourth and didn't score a single point (although he did get T'd up for acting like a petulant child).

Andrew Bynum. Fuck yourself.

Notice Philadelphia 76ers Center Andrew Bynum recently on vacation in Spain.

The amount of hate I have for this individual cannot possibly translate on a blog. Just isn't possible.

This piece of shit steals over 16 million this year for a job in which he DID NOT DO. Not once did this motherfucker put on a jersey. Not one time. Barely sat on the bench either and pretended to be a teammate. Bull can dance and bowl and cash fucking checks, but somehow managed to not even give playing for his salary a chance.

Bynum was seen over the past 12 months bowling, taking jumpers with a cell phone in his sock, having a style worst that this cat, salsa dancing, and making it rain on Columbus Blvd. Personally, I could see this cat going both ways down at Delilah's and making a little extra cash behind the joint dry rubbin' bulls for $8.25.

Here is a picture of Bynum cleaning up from a cum shot. Fuck yourself, Andrew.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Larry is an Idiot

Just piling on the Durant hate for no reason.

If you switch LeBron and Durant in their current situations, you are going to get the same results as we are going to see.  The Thunder with LeBron and sans Westbrook get knocked out in the Western Conference Finals and the Heat with Durant, Bosh and Wade win the title.  Period.  There is no arguing that.  The number of 38, 10 and 7 games isn't saving the LeBron lead Thunder.

Durant is doing a ridiculous job leading a team that literally has no other offensive options.  Shooting 12/16 while putting up 38 points, 8 boards and 6 assists while getting double and triple teamed on every possession is a feat.  LeBron won't see that kind of defense consistently throughout a game because then D. Wade or Christopher Bosh would put up a cool 50.  The Thunder without Westbrook and Harden have no one else with that capability.  Ibaka made that abundantly clear last night.

Very questionable no call on Asik's aggressive chest bump on Jackson...


Now that Westbrook the enforcer is gone, KSmoov and the bois are starting to look a little vulnerable...

I'll just leave this here...

Monday, April 29, 2013

MJ Marries Yvette Prieto

His Airness decided to give marriage another go round, tying the know with Yvette Prieto this weekend in an exclusive ceremony. The star-studded guest list included Spike Lee, Patrick Ewing, and Tiger Woods. You can probably guess who helped plan the bachelor party. Of course Club Bosh has the inside scoop on exactly what went down. Read on for some anonymous quotes from the wedding weekend:

"MJ smoked a stogie the entire ceremony. He blew smoke in the priest's face, and finally ended up putting his cigar out on ring-bearer's forehead. He told the kid 'You better hope that scar makes you famous.'"

"Jordan skipped the wedding photographs to play poker. He forced Pippen to stand in for him. I heard that he and Tiger were banging the catering staff in the kitchen during the photos."

"Michael showed up late for the wedding, getting straight off a private jet from Vegas with Tiger, Ewing, and Charles Barkley. Barkley skipped the ceremony, citing a financial matter that required his attention."

"Yvette can really take a punch, way better than Juanita ever could."

"Tiger was there without Lindsey Vonn. Apparently he left that Arayan bitch at home so he could reunite with a couple of his bottom bitches from the good ol' days. Heard she was in NYC comforting the newly unemployed Timmy Tebow. Probably giving that pussy a Jesus jerk or something."

"Jordan's sons missed the ceremony. I heard they were still in Vegas making bets for Pops. Now that's love."

"MJ is steady rocking that Hitler 'stache."

"Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, and Horace Grant all served as ushers. Jordan refused to acknowledge them, except for throwing a package of Ball Park Franks at Kerr."

Jason Collins: First Openly Gay Athlete in Major American Team Sport

First off, let me applaud Jason Collins for having the courage to announce to the world he is gay.  In my opinion, it's not the world's business if Jason Collins is gay or not, but that is neither here nor there.  Whether it's our business or not, I do understand the historical significance of this announcement and the club would not be doing its readers justice ignoring the topic.  Collins, although far from a superstar, is a great person to carry this torch.  He is a Stanford grad, has been in the league for 12 seasons, is personal friends with Slick Willy and Joe Kennedy III and is extremely well spoken as made evident in his article for Sports Illustrated which should make Skip Bayless scared for his job.  I'm excited to see what this announcement does for Kerry Rhodes.

Collins played this season for the Celtics before being traded to the Wizards where after the end of their 2013 campaign he became a free agent.  I'm sure there will be a whirlwind of media coverage focusing on teams signing or not signing him because of his sexual orientation.  I want to let it be known right now that if I were the GM of an NBA team, there is not a chance in hell I would sign Collins and that has nothing to do with him preferring the romantic company of men to women.  The dude straight up can't play.  He averaged a robust 0.7 points and 1.3 boards while in Washington while playing 9 minutes a game and racking up 2 fouls.  His CAREER year came with the Nets in 2004 where he averaged Barkley like numbers of 6 points and 6 boards a game.  On the court, the guy offers about as much as Wilt Chamberlain (at present time).  From this announcement, it's clear Collins has the ability to lead, but I am guessing he is going to be leading somewhere away from the hardwood in 2014.  Regardless, Jason, you ever want to get a little tipsy, the velvet rope in the club will be lifted for the rest of your life.

The Revenge of Bogut and Saint Steph's Scoring Spree

Last night the second goofiest big man in the league got his revenge on JaVale from a game one dunk that left JaVale attempting to pull a Ron Ron.  It was hard.  It was loud.  It was proud.

The Warriors now have a commanding, and surprising, 3-1 lead over the Nuggets and the series looks as good as over. Steph Curry was once again miraculous scoring 22 points over a 5 minute 20 second stretch in the 3rd quarter to lock up the 115-101 Warriors' win.  Let's not forget they are doing this without their only All-Star, David Lee.

I know it's early in his career and I know his ankles are made of glass, but watching Steph Curry this season and this postseason makes me fairly certain we are watching someone who will go down as the greatest pure shooter of all time.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Knicks Smack Celtics

3-0 'bockers. It's over for beantown.

Awesome Flagrant-2 by JR Smith. I will never get sick of seeing Jason Terry get bitched up.

Westbrook has knee surgery, no timetable for return

Sad that Westbrook is going to get injured on a play where he is clearly headed towards his bench to call a timeout.  As Chuck said during the halftime show, "He should've slapped him upside the head."  He ended up tearing his meniscus and still played the rest of the game while racking up 29 points.  Hopefully he can pull a Ron Ron and be back for the finals that all of us NEED.

For the time being, let's see if Durant can carry a team single handedly.  My guess is he averages 40+ a game.

ESPN has impeccable design sensibility

Only reason ESPN did this was so all the pictures would match and everything would be symmetrical.  This IS NOT the way the actual MVP voting is going to go.

Credit: New Beantown Butt Boy

Z-Bo Feeling Touchy Feely

Z-Bo went Yahtzee last night for 27 points and 11 boards while leading the Grizzlies to their first win of the series in a classic Memphis 94-82 grinder.  The highlight of the night came after that pansy, Matt Barnes, dished our a hard foul on Z-Bo, who normally ain't bluffin', but last night decided to take it easy on little Barnesy with a hug and a pound.  Notorious tough guy, Chris Paul, tried to start shit after Z-Bo approached Barnes, but Z-Bo could not hear his shit talk while he stood behind his 4 teammates.

Poor Kris Humphries

The Bulls defeated the BKNets 79-76 last night, in what will surely go down as one of the ugliest games of playoff basketball ever (At one point the Nets missed 25 of 26 shots).  Midway through the second quarter, Taj Gibson emasculated Kris Humphries in a way that will haunt him for weeks.  Dude just can't catch a break.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kent Bazemore sweats Harrison Barnes

Yikes.  Harrison Barnes needs to be in the dunk competition in 2014.  No excuses.  Probably the most exciting dunker in the league this year.  I am officially starting the petition today.  Part of that petition will include Kent Bazemore's attendance to celebrate each one of Barnes' makes.

As soon as David Lee went down the entire NBA community said the Warriors were done... so what did Mark Jackson do?  He started 3, small guards, a small forward and a center and said shoot them out of the building.  The result?  A 131-117 Warriors win and the combo of Curry/Thompson/Jack/Barnes going 40/63 with most of those makes coming on jumpers.  If those guys stay hot, Denver is cooked.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jamal Crawford can dribble better than you

Fresh off being denied the 6th Man of the Year award to JR, Jamal Crawford came out to put on a show against the Grizz.  Absurd handle.  Routinely putting the Grizzlies on skates before raining jumpers, to the tune of 10 straight points in the first half.  Crawford proved there was a reason he was the favorite for this award for a long portion of the season.

His display got overshadowed by CP3s game winning heroics, and rightfully so.  Look at this picture:

You should not be making shots, let alone game winning shots, like that.  Should be interesting to see how Memphis responds at home down 0-2.


Adventures of Christopher Bosh in the Multiverse! from Borscht Corp. on Vimeo.

Top Ten Dunks of the Year

Monday, April 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Mr. T suing Russ Russ for allegedly stealing "look"

Sources inside the OKC locker room are reporting heavy tension between OKC's two stars due to an unneeded distraction caused by Russ Russ's fashion statement following last night's 120-91 piping of former teammates Smooth J and Jeremiah.

Donning a stylish turtleneck/cut off sweater combo, some clear framed and of course lens-less glasses and a thick gold chain, Russ Russ took the podium last night to discuss his near triple-double (19-8-10) while debuting what we can all expect when it comes to his playoff fashion for 2013.

The whole look appeared to pay homage to Mr. T, but when reached for comment, Mr. T only had this to say, "I have spoken to Kevin about [Russell's fashion] and it will not happen again."

After further investigative reporting by the team here at Club Bosh, we have confirmed that K Smooth and Mr. T have a close relationship and Russ Russ did not reach out to Mr. T for permission prior to taking to the presser sporting his patented look.  Sources have confirmed that even before Russ Russ emerged from the locker room, K Smooth requested that he change his outfit for fear of conflict with Mr. T, but Russ Russ refused.

Story developing...

(UPDATE: Sources close to the Club have also confirmed that the "friend" who suggested K Smooth's "kill 'em and pray for 'em" gesture was actually Mr. T.  Club Bosh doing ya once again.)



Can you imagine seeing LeBron look at you like that on the basketball court while you're between him and the basket?  Jesus Christmas.  He's fun to watch when he realizes he can do anything he wants on the court and nobody can stop him.

LBJ Loses Bet, Forced To Model New Club Bosh Line

According to sources inside the locker room, Lebron's Sager-esque sweater last night was the result of a bet won by none other than Da Club's namesake.

An anonymous source close to the situation stated that Lebron bet Bosh that he would shoot 100% on field goals.  James posted a disappointing 9 of 11 from the field, to go along with 10 boards and eight dimes. As a result, he was forced to wear a sweater from the new Club Bosh line, which will be in the hottest South Beach retailers this spring. In other news, this:

Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Postseason

The 2013 playoff matchups.. shooooey.

Harden against his old squad and besties RussRuss & KD? 
Knickerbockers v. Celtics rivalry in the first round?!
Spurs v. Lakers already.. are you kidding me?
Nuggies v. Warriors... if you dont score 100+ in a game dont bother showing up.

The Western Conference has FIVE teams with 55+ wins. That's just silly. Makes predicting the West pretty damn difficult for us bloggers. But here are my guesses anyway, for what it's worth...

Thunder over Rockets in 5.
Grizzlies over LAC in 7.
Spurs over LAL in 6.
Nuggets over GSW in 6.

Heat over Bucks in 4.
Nets over Bulls in 6.
Knicks over Celtics in 7.
Pacers over Hawks in 5.

Thunder over Griz in 6.
Spurs over Nuggets in 6.

Heat over Nets in 4.
Knicks over Pacers in 5.

Thunder over Spurs in 5.
Heat over Knicks in 5.

Miami Heat over OKC Thunder. 5 games. Book it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Playz by da Bay

The Club ain't dead yet, y'all!  Just had to do some quick remodeling.  Here come the Warriors, helping to keep us alive through the doldrums of these meaningless end of season games. 

First, Harrison Barnes takes his and takes Aron Baynes' too (Note the dude at 0:14.  What the fuck was that?):

Then Steph Curry twists Gary Neal into a pretzel EWWW

Thursday, April 4, 2013

On the subject of free throws

An interesting stat made the rounds today: Dwight Howard has missed as many free throws (332) this season, as Steve Nash has in his ENTIRE 17-year career.  Howard is coming in this season at 314-for-646, a balmy 49%, which is dead last among qualified players.  That is down from his career average of 57%.

Nash, on the other hand, is a 90.4% career free throw shooter, the best in history.  So maybe not the most fair comparison.  Nevertheless, still ridiculous to think about.  All that money, and you can't even count on him to make free throws.  A franchise cornerstone who is a liability at the end of close games.  Wild. 


Sad, sad day for the Club

Club namesake Chris Bosh was out in the club last night celebrating his 29th birthday. While poppin' bottles in the VIP, some criminals took it upon themselves to rob his crib and steal $340k worth of goods. These crooks must have been in the know, and calculated their crime when Bosh would be out da crib. Sucks. At least Bosh got to have a good time up in the club, and even celebrated with one of the most absurd birthday cakes I have ever seen.
Tough break, Chris. At least the party in the Club was epic.. as always.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Griner in the NBA...

As the Mavs most likely lost out on their playoffs hopes last night in a loss to the Lakers, Cuban was busy fielding some draft questions.  Always the firestarter, Cubes went so far as to say he'd draft Baylor women's player Brittney Griner and give her a shot to make the team.  Obviously, this is for a little headline grabbing, as MC is known to do.  He even admits to the big marketing potential of Griner in the summer league, saying "It would, wouldn't it? See how she could do?" Cuban said. "That'd sell out a few games."

So, if it's happens, it's clearly a publicity stunt.  Because I don't think there is anyone in the world who thinks Brittney Griner, for all her NCAA womens hoops domination and 5 career dunks, could play in the NBA.  Not a knock on Griner by any means, but it's just not happening.  6'8 208lbs, playing as a big (wo)man.  Shit, she doesn't weigh that much more than me, a scrawny 6'0 white guy.  Imagine seeing ZBo post her up, LeBron guard her, or Durant driving down the lane towards her for a thunderdunk.  Shit, just imagine anyone in the NBA playing against her compared to the competition she's faced.


Cubes, do whatever you gotta do to make that money.  But don't expect to see Brittney Griner anywhere close to the NBA.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Nuggets extend streak to 14, not a soul outside Denver notices

The Denver Nuggets won their franchise record 14 consecutive game last night in dramatic fashion over the Philadelphia 76ers. With the Heatles currently owning the 2nd best win streak in NBA history, nobody outside the Rockies seem to notice or care. Last night's win was a straight up robbery, however.

The Liberty Ballers were up 5 points with 14 seconds to go and lost in regulation. Think about that. Former #2 pick Evan Turner (sixers would have had Cousins if I was GM then) missed both freebies to seal the game, and Damien Wilkins committed a sin fouling a three point jump shooter at that point in the game

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great stuff

"I've had a chance to [review] it, and it was one of my better ones.  The fact that it happened to J.T. made it that much sweeter. Because we all know J.T. and he talks too much sometimes. And I'm glad it happened to him."

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Flying High

Not much that needs to be said about this photograph. It is a friggin' awesome shot of the best dunker in the association. There is no debate. Enjoy.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Jalen On Da Club

Jalen Rose breaks down a night UPINDACLUB for NBA Stars. Mr. Rose, you are cordially invited to spend the night of your choice in the VIP Room here at Club Bosh.

Friday, March 15, 2013

If the playoffs started today...

The Associations regular season is entering its final lap, with each team having less than 20 games remaining on the schedule. Curious what the postseason matchups will look like if the playoffs started today? Wondering who will advance? Say no more then...

Eastern Conference
(1) Miami Heat vs. (8) Milwaukee Bucks
Prediction: Heat in 6
LeBron & Co. will advance in absolutely any matchup they draw in the first round. But Milwaukee is actually the opponent that might give the Heat the most trouble. Quick talented guards, along with Larry Sanders protecting the rim, does not match up well against the boys from South Beach.

(2) Indiana Pacers vs. (7) Atlanta Hawks
Prediction: Pacers in 5
Indiana's frontcourt will be able to contain Al Horford and the rest of the Hawks big men. A certain Club Bosh contributor has managed to get his with Al Horford's cousin in the VIP of the Club, but I digress.  Indiana's one of the few contenders in the East to challenge the Heat, and the lowly Hawks won't give them much trouble in the first round. 

(3) New York Knicks vs. (6) Boston Celtics
Prediction: Celtics in 6
The NY Knicks have screamed mediocrity recently (20-20 in last 40 games), while the Celtics have played impressive ball since Rondo's injury (15-6 without him). The aging C's should put away the Knicks with relative ease.

(4) Brooklyn Nets vs. (5) Chicago Bulls
Prediction: Nets in 7
This matchup seems the most difficult to pick, mostly due to the uncertainty of Derrick Rose's availability for the postseason. I don't think he will play, which tips the scale ever so slightly to the Nets squeezing past the Bulls in seven games.

Western Conference
(1). San Antonio Spurs vs. (8) Los Angeles Lakers
Prediction: Spurs in 6
This would be a helluva matchup to witness. Kobe vs. Timmy D. again for a chance to keep a title hope alive. Don't think anybody knows exactly what the Lakers will bring come the postseason, but I know the Spurs & Coach Pop wouldn't exactly be thrilled with drawing Kobe & D-12 in the first round.

(2) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (7) Houston Rockets
Prediction: Thunder in 5
Another great matchup if this were to happen, with OKC meeting with former star James Harden the same year he was dealt to Houston. Harden and the Rockets have no problem filling the bucket, but would struggle mightily trying to contain RussRuss & KD.

(3) Memphis Grizzlies vs. (6) Golden State Warriors
Prediction: Grizzlies in 6
The contrast in styles in this matchup would make for an interesting playoff matchup. The Griz might be the best halfcourt team in the league behind Z-Bo & the other Gasol, while the Warriors run the floor in transition under the direction of Steph Curry with ease. Halfcourt basketball always tends to be more important in the postseason, thus giving Memphis a bid into the second round.

(4) Los Angeles Clippers vs (5). Denver Nuggets
Prediction: Clippers in 7
The Denver Nuggets have been excellent (especially at home) throughout the season, but a draw against Lob City would mean the end for the Nuggies. CP3 would be able to control Ty Lawson's quick transition game, likely creating problems for Denver to score. Would be a great series, but I don't see the team game that Denver plays being able to overcome Chris Paul & Co. in LA.



Awesome uniforms, Damian Lillard, and a sick layup.  Not bad, Portland.  Not bad at all. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The King dunks on The Queen

Club Bosh was in South Philly last night to see the Heat extend their winning streak to 20.  The Sixers put up a valiant effort but were derailed by a missed layup by Big Spence with 24 seconds left down 94-91.  I told myself I would not go on another Spencer Hawes rant so all I'm going to say is I could have made that layup and I am one of the 3 worst basketball players on the planet.

All was not lost though, as our king, Jrue Holiday had an epic dunk on the Queen to tie the game at 91 with about 1:20 left.  During the ensuing time out, the Queen was seen making Chalmers wipe Jrue's spunk off his face.

I picked an awesome season to buy Sixers season tickets.  24-40 and most times I'd rather be relieving the toilet scene from Arachnophobia.

Larry Sanders has the best ejection of the year

The video speaks for itself.  Just an awesome freakout after being ejected for arguing a charge call during the Bucks' 106-93 loss in the nation's capital last night.  Lucky for the Bucks there is no one anywhere close to them for the 8 seed because they suck right now. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Family Fued

Brook Lopez gained eternal braggin' rights over his brother Robin last night, and luckily for us there is video evidence of the assault.

Gotta think being on the wrong end of a poster must be embarrassing, but to be dunked on by your own brother? Shooooey. Might be time to see a shrink, Rob.

Dime of the Year?

Suns rookie Kendall Marshall dropped a silly dime at the expense the Turkish Hammer.

Best assist of the year? I'd have to say so thus far. Finally a bright spot on the Suns season.

Stars on Stars with Stephon Marbury - Kobe Bryant

Stars On Stars - KB24 (p1)

Laker Reel | Myspace Video

Stars on Stars - KB24 (p2)

Laker Reel | Myspace Video

Stars On Stars - KB24 (p3)

Laker Reel | Myspace Video

Stars On Stars - KB24 (p4)

Laker Reel | Myspace Video

Ricky Rubio Monster Triple Double

Club VIP, Ricky the Kid, was up to his old tricks last night as he lead the depleted Wolves to a 103-87 surprise win over the Spurs.  Ricky finished up with a 21 point, 13 board, 12 assist triple double to go along with one sweet highlight layup.  Can't help but think "what could have been" when you look at the Wolves 2013 campaign. 

Hopefully Milk Chocolate lays off the volleyball hoes this offseason and focuses on getting ready for next year.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great Stats

Slow day up in da club, but here are a few nuggets to chew on.  They're wild, for different reasons. 

Up first:
Safe to say Bron might just be turning the corner on all the naysayers.  Small sample size, sure.  But completely absurd numbers.  Near impossible to play better basketball.
And then, in a tweet sure to drive Chuck to the brink of insanity...

Just something else to further the Westbrook/Durant cohabitation talk.  Regardless of how good Westbrook is, he should not be taking more shots per game than Durant.  Sure there will be nights RussRuss is the hot hand, but over a season?  Unacceptable.  It also speaks to the shooting efficiency of the OKC duo.  For example, last night in a loss to the Spurs, KSmoov shot 9/13, while RussRuss clocked in at 11/27.  TWICE AS MANY SHOTS?!  That just flat-out does not make sense.  That is the type of performance that can derail Title hopes in the postseason.  If the Thunder want any chance of even reaching the Finals, Ksmoov needs to be in the drivers seat, and Scott Brooks needs to make that clear.  But I don't know if a) he can muster the cajones to tell Russ that, and b) what kind of tantrum Russ would throw at hearing it.  Should OKC flame out before the Finals, there's going to be a lot of speculation about RussRuss, and whether the Harden trade was a move they'll live to regret.