Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Great Stats

Slow day up in da club, but here are a few nuggets to chew on.  They're wild, for different reasons. 

Up first:
Safe to say Bron might just be turning the corner on all the naysayers.  Small sample size, sure.  But completely absurd numbers.  Near impossible to play better basketball.
And then, in a tweet sure to drive Chuck to the brink of insanity...

Just something else to further the Westbrook/Durant cohabitation talk.  Regardless of how good Westbrook is, he should not be taking more shots per game than Durant.  Sure there will be nights RussRuss is the hot hand, but over a season?  Unacceptable.  It also speaks to the shooting efficiency of the OKC duo.  For example, last night in a loss to the Spurs, KSmoov shot 9/13, while RussRuss clocked in at 11/27.  TWICE AS MANY SHOTS?!  That just flat-out does not make sense.  That is the type of performance that can derail Title hopes in the postseason.  If the Thunder want any chance of even reaching the Finals, Ksmoov needs to be in the drivers seat, and Scott Brooks needs to make that clear.  But I don't know if a) he can muster the cajones to tell Russ that, and b) what kind of tantrum Russ would throw at hearing it.  Should OKC flame out before the Finals, there's going to be a lot of speculation about RussRuss, and whether the Harden trade was a move they'll live to regret.

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