Thursday, March 14, 2013

The King dunks on The Queen

Club Bosh was in South Philly last night to see the Heat extend their winning streak to 20.  The Sixers put up a valiant effort but were derailed by a missed layup by Big Spence with 24 seconds left down 94-91.  I told myself I would not go on another Spencer Hawes rant so all I'm going to say is I could have made that layup and I am one of the 3 worst basketball players on the planet.

All was not lost though, as our king, Jrue Holiday had an epic dunk on the Queen to tie the game at 91 with about 1:20 left.  During the ensuing time out, the Queen was seen making Chalmers wipe Jrue's spunk off his face.

I picked an awesome season to buy Sixers season tickets.  24-40 and most times I'd rather be relieving the toilet scene from Arachnophobia.

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