Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Andrew Bynum. Fuck yourself.

Notice Philadelphia 76ers Center Andrew Bynum recently on vacation in Spain.

The amount of hate I have for this individual cannot possibly translate on a blog. Just isn't possible.

This piece of shit steals over 16 million this year for a job in which he DID NOT DO. Not once did this motherfucker put on a jersey. Not one time. Barely sat on the bench either and pretended to be a teammate. Bull can dance and bowl and cash fucking checks, but somehow managed to not even give playing for his salary a chance.

Bynum was seen over the past 12 months bowling, taking jumpers with a cell phone in his sock, having a style worst that this cat, salsa dancing, and making it rain on Columbus Blvd. Personally, I could see this cat going both ways down at Delilah's and making a little extra cash behind the joint dry rubbin' bulls for $8.25.

Here is a picture of Bynum cleaning up from a cum shot. Fuck yourself, Andrew.

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