Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is how it feels to watch Steph Curry play on a nightly basis

This is also how it looks to have your mind blown.  Big night in the Association last night.  Steph Curry went for 44 on 18/35 from the field but the Warriors found a way to choke away a 15 point lead and lose on a Manu Ginobili 3 with 1.4 seconds left by a score of 129-127.  After Curry's 22 point 3rd quarter (on 9/12 shooting mind you), Bazemore and the bench boys had seen enough to know their brains were melting which produced the incredible gif below.  Really hope the Warriors can make a series out of this but that is just about as crushing a defeat as you can come across (especially considering Golden State hasn't won in San Antonio since 1997).

I'll let Larry and Benny elaborate on what the Queen and her men did last night... 

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