Friday, May 3, 2013

Oh shit (Part 9)

The scene: Game 6, in ChiTown.  Bulls improbably lead the series 3-2, missing half of their team, facing a Brooklyn Nets team desparate to prove they're worth all the money that crazy Ruski is paying them.  And nobody has put forth more effort than Nate Robinson, who has to secretly be happy the team is so injury-ridden.  Nothing like a shooter getting an excuse to put up 25 shots/game. 

So when little Nate sees the big goon Kris Humphries switched on to him, you can see his eyes light up.  Time to bust out the And-1 shit.

As expected, Nate leaves Humphries in the dust with ease, making a fool of the mouthbreather.  Awesome hesitation move, completely burns the cool guy, and scores.  But no fall, and the Bulls go on to lose the game.  Nate Robinson, I award you 4/5 Paul Pierce Wheelchairs.

Sorry, Kris. 

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