Friday, April 19, 2013

2013 Postseason

The 2013 playoff matchups.. shooooey.

Harden against his old squad and besties RussRuss & KD? 
Knickerbockers v. Celtics rivalry in the first round?!
Spurs v. Lakers already.. are you kidding me?
Nuggies v. Warriors... if you dont score 100+ in a game dont bother showing up.

The Western Conference has FIVE teams with 55+ wins. That's just silly. Makes predicting the West pretty damn difficult for us bloggers. But here are my guesses anyway, for what it's worth...

Thunder over Rockets in 5.
Grizzlies over LAC in 7.
Spurs over LAL in 6.
Nuggets over GSW in 6.

Heat over Bucks in 4.
Nets over Bulls in 6.
Knicks over Celtics in 7.
Pacers over Hawks in 5.

Thunder over Griz in 6.
Spurs over Nuggets in 6.

Heat over Nets in 4.
Knicks over Pacers in 5.

Thunder over Spurs in 5.
Heat over Knicks in 5.

Miami Heat over OKC Thunder. 5 games. Book it.

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