Monday, April 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Mr. T suing Russ Russ for allegedly stealing "look"

Sources inside the OKC locker room are reporting heavy tension between OKC's two stars due to an unneeded distraction caused by Russ Russ's fashion statement following last night's 120-91 piping of former teammates Smooth J and Jeremiah.

Donning a stylish turtleneck/cut off sweater combo, some clear framed and of course lens-less glasses and a thick gold chain, Russ Russ took the podium last night to discuss his near triple-double (19-8-10) while debuting what we can all expect when it comes to his playoff fashion for 2013.

The whole look appeared to pay homage to Mr. T, but when reached for comment, Mr. T only had this to say, "I have spoken to Kevin about [Russell's fashion] and it will not happen again."

After further investigative reporting by the team here at Club Bosh, we have confirmed that K Smooth and Mr. T have a close relationship and Russ Russ did not reach out to Mr. T for permission prior to taking to the presser sporting his patented look.  Sources have confirmed that even before Russ Russ emerged from the locker room, K Smooth requested that he change his outfit for fear of conflict with Mr. T, but Russ Russ refused.

Story developing...

(UPDATE: Sources close to the Club have also confirmed that the "friend" who suggested K Smooth's "kill 'em and pray for 'em" gesture was actually Mr. T.  Club Bosh doing ya once again.)

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