Friday, October 26, 2012

The Saga Continues: Delonte West ousted from Dallas

As previously referenced here in da club, Delonte West has had his fair share of troubles.  Well, the troubles continue for the young birthmarked Mr West.  He's done did it again, getting himself kicked off the Mavs.  Unfortunately, details are shy outside of his conduct being "detrimental to the team," and the organization getting worried about his influence on the younger players.  But the speculation runs rampant!  Word out of Dallas has Delonte crashing his crotch rocket while doing wheelies and firing a 9mm handgun, dressed in his finest St. Pauli Girl outfit, in an attempt to cheer up Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki while he recovers from surgery.  Waiting on confirmation from a few witnesses, but consider that the story as of now.  Thankfully, Delonte took to twitter to assure his fans that this was not a bi-polar trip, and that he is now staring at American Airlines Arena with tears in his eyes, and presumably tattooed on his face.

In related breaking news, the Mavs wasted no time in filling the open roster spot with Eddy Curry, fresh off a hard-earned championship in South Beach.  Will he provide the spark Dirk desperately needs?  Which contending team will take a chance on a deranged Delonte?  Only time will tell.

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