Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And We're Off!!!

The NBA season tipped off last night with the Heat beating the Celtics and the Mavs surprising the Lakers.  Oh and Uncle Drew put up 29 to go with the Brazilian Rodman's 23 boards to lead the Cavs over the injury riddled Wizards.

First observation is the Lakers' bench is atrocious.  They kind of remind me of Miami of 2010.  If Nash, Gasol, Bryant and Howard don't pour in 20ppg each, the Lakers have little chance of winning.  Nash struggled last night finishing with only 7 points and 4 assists, and generally looked out of sorts the entire game.  Kobe looked hampered by his strained foot, lacking the explosiveness that we have come to expect from him, but The Black Mamba shot an incredibly efficient 11/14 to end with 22 points.  Gasol and Howard both looked good putting up around 20 and 10, but Howard's free throw shooting was again a huge factor.  He went 3/14 from the line missing several clutch freebies.  If he can't improve his free throw shooting, there is no way you can have him on the floor in the clutch and he will always be the second best big in the league.

Second observation: D. Wade and Rondo should kick box.  It all started in the 2011 playoffs when the fashionista known as D. Wade intentionally tackled Rondo to the floor dislocating his elbow in the process.

Seems Rondo didn't forget the pain associated with a dislocated joint and last night he went for the kill towards the end of the Celtics 120-107 loss in Miami.

This rivalry is getting to be all kinds of hot.  Wade called the foul a "punk play" after the game and said he almost threw the ball at Rondo, but got scared Rondo would try to fight him and did not want to risk a broken nail.  These teams both looked great last night and barring the Fountain of Youth being discovered in Grand Central, these teams will be your Eastern Conference Finals representatives.

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