Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sixers Undefeated

Blackface and I went to the Sixers opener last night to watch 'Dre and 'Dre reunite on the floor for the first time since their days together in South Philly.  Much of the same product.  Iggy made his first jumper, but went 4-12 after that including a miserable 0-4 from 3 (many of the same stupid pull up 3's) and a frustrating 1-3 from the line.  Every time Iggy touched the ball, he was booed.  It was SO Philly.  I got a bit nostalgic halfway through the first quarter when the last 45 seconds of game 6 of the Chicago series was played on the scoreboard, but then I reminded myself that was the highlight of Iggy's 8 YEARS in Philly and I snapped out of it.  I don't know if the Sixers' defense looked good last night or the Gallinari-less Nuggets were just that bad (they were), but they held the Nuggets to an abysmal 75 points.  The Sixers winning a game after shooting 35% from the field and 28% from three is encouraging especially with all the preseason hype Denver has gotten.  Don't get me wrong, if the Sixers want to compete in the Eastern Conference this year, the offense needs to get markedly better, but a win is a win.  The offense is definitely running through Jrue as he matched his season high from last year in assists with 11 while scoring 14 points on a lackluster 5-16 shooting.  As the season progresses, I'm sure we'll see the Jream get into a rhythm and that shooting percentage will pick up. 

I pushed over a small child to grab a Jrue's Jream Team T-Shirt out of the mother of all t-shirt cannons, but the highlight of the night was definitely a packed Wells Fargo chanting 'MVP' for Spencer Hawes after he put up 16, 12 and 2 along with 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Photo cred to Blackface Logan from his iPhone... step your quality game up, Apple.

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