Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ball night!

Notes and highlights:

  • The Sixers suck, bad.  They need Bynum back in the worst way possible.  Putting up 77 on a Hornets team without the Brow or Austin Rivers?!  Yikes.  Also, fuck Nick Young.  Glad we got rid of Sweet Lou Williams for him.  Speaking of Sweet Lou, he's been on a tear:

  • You know Psycho T is gonna hear it from his boys in their next sting-pong game for that one.  Also, the Hawks beat the Pacers, whose title of "Best chance to beat Miami" is looking weak so far.  This Granger injury could prove costly.
  • Miami steamrolled BKNY.  BronBron nearly got a triple-double in 3 quarters, Rashard Lewis dunked twice (!!!), and Deron Williams turned the ball over 7 times.  Good thing they have Brook "Max-Contract" Lopez holding down the middle.
  • Grizz beat up on the Bucks pretty bad.  Brandon Jennings fell off the casting couch and came back down to earth, with him and Monta Ellis playing like everyone figured they would, shooting a combined 11-38.  The success of Milwaukee rests entirely on two trigger-happy guards.  Makes for great basketball.
  • The Rockets have also come back down to Earth after the high of Smooth J and his otherworldly first two games.  Denver, meanwhile, is starting to get its act together, led by the MANIMAL posting 16 and 16, denying what would have been a big Harden bucket late:

  • Dirk-less Mavs beat the Lowry-less Raptors.  OJ Mayo still playing awesome.  Looks like he made a good move so far.  Could be a pretty decent team once ze German is back.  Also the Rubio and Love-less Wolves beat the Magic if anyone cares.
  • In everyone's favorite storyline, the Lakeshow lost again, this time to the Jazz.  Kobe scored 29, Dwight had a pedestrian 19 & 9, Steve Blake continues to be Steve Blake.  Interesting note:  First time in NBA history that, on a night with at least 12 games, nobody scored 30 points.  Weird.
  • Kings notched their second win of the season over the sorry Pistons.  Greg Monroe even put up a triple double! But DeMarcus was doin his thang with 21 and 11, and a big ol dunk:

  • Golden State beat the Cavs, David Lee had a nice 22 & 14, while Steph Curry managed to play and not get hurt.  Also, Kyrie Irving is awesome. 
  • For the nightcap, the Clips went into full Lob City mode and ran the Spurs outta town, giving them their first loss.  Griffin at 22 & 10, DeAndre at 20, 11 and 4 blocks, and CP3 had a quiet 10 & 12.  Tough to beat when they're playing like that. 

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