Monday, November 12, 2012

What's up with Bynum?

After Bob Cooney laid into the Sixers management on Saturday, the team released a statement today saying Bynum will be out another month until Dec 10, when he will then be able to resume light drills.  Mixing that with the conditioning he'll need to get into game shape, Bynum needs anywhere from 1-4 weeks after Dec 10 before he can play, assuming all goes well.

And that "assuming all goes well" is the real kicker, because nothing has really gone well so far with Bynum.  Like every other Sixers fan, I was really excited when I learned of the trade.  Suddenly they have the best big man in the conference, while gaining some room for Jrue and ETurner to handle the ball and mature, and become as good as we all hope they can be.  That part is at least going well.  But the closest we've seen to Bynum playing was pregame intros in the home opener, where he came out to a standing ovation, only to go back down the tunnel right afterwards.  Management has been extremely coy on his situation as well.  Maybe it's because they don't want to say anything too premature to such a fickle fan base.  Maybe they're giving Bynum time to grow his hair until he looks like Dr J

But most likely, they remained vague so they could sell some tickets.  There's no better way to damper enthusiasm and hurt ticket sales than saying the injury-prone, All Star center you just broke up a fairly successful, if stagnant, team for, is already injured.  And ya know what?  That really sucks.  This new management group has actually been awesome so far in my opinion.  But no amount of dollar dog nights, 100-tshirt firing guns and cheap tickets will make up for refusing to tell anyone your new player, and hopeful franchise cornerstone, is injured way worse than you thought.  This team isn't going anywhere without Bynum, and I appreciate them being cautious - it's the right attitude to have for sure.  But just tell us.  Because when you don't, everyone assumes the worst

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