Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Free Throw Shenanigans

Two funny free throw moments from last night... first is 'Sheed doing 'Sheed.  At the :30 mark of the video below you can hear him yelling his catch phrase "Ball don't lie!"

Also, please note Jason Kidd in the background.  His headband looks absolutely ridiculous.  I know he is wearing it like that to cover a gash that required 8 stitches to close, but he looks like a homeless person.  Side note: His kid is uglier than sin.

The next is Dwight Howard being a big fucking dumbass.  Wipe that goofy grin off your face dude, you just air balled the easiest shot in basketball.  I will never understand how professional basketball players cannot make free throws.  Dwight went 7-19 last night from the line.

If I was one of Dwight Howard's teammates and was a lot bigger than I am, I would slap that stupid smile off of his face.  Those 12 misses could've easily cost the Lakers the game.

C'mon Kobe.  Live up to your MO from this year and clown this loser.

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