Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sixers Already Fighting Injuries, Kwame Seeing Time

The 76ers are already dealing with an injury to an integral part of their lineup with Jason Richardson suffering a high ankle sprain Sunday afternoon after stepping on a cameraman's foot on the baseline at the Garden one minute into the game.  Rumors are that he was seen hobbling around in a walking boot which is never a good thing especially for an older player.  Besides a 5 minute stretch at the start of the game last night, the Sixers were outplayed, out-muscled and outclassed by a surprisingly spry (average age is 61) Knicks team.

Nick Young is a poor man's Lou Williams.  He'd better get hot soon or the fans in Philly are going to turn on him.  He is shooting 7-35 so far this year and is making me want to break my giant TV, and nothing... I mean, nothing... makes me want to break that TV.  Spencer Hawes, after a solid opener against Denver, looked like a giant marshmallow during the home and home with the Knicks.  Carmelo took the ball right at his chest over and over again and Hawes just took it like Sasha Grey in her prime.  Does not make any sense.  Dude is 7 feet tall and he refuses to put a guy on his ass.  Doug did not like that, so in Philly last night he started... KWAME BROWN.  Kwame logged a whopping 11 minutes and was benched at the beginning of the second half after that fat-ass midget, Raymond Felton confused the basketball for a Twix and took it from him.  Pablo Prigioni, the NBA's oldest rookie ever at 35 years old, kept up well with the newly signed franchise point guard in Philly and genuinely looked to take him out of his rhythm at times. The beat downs were thorough.  'Sheed even got his.

The Sixers need to play a tougher brand of basketball or the Atlantic Division is going to eat them alive.  That starts with the big men.  The return of the Andrew Bynum and his afro cannot come soon enough.  This team is young and will only get better from here.

And now for the lowlights:

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