Thursday, November 15, 2012

Poppa Perk v. Z-Bo

So last night the surprising Memphis Grizzlies handled the OKC Thunder even as K. Smoove went for his season high in points.  The highlight of the game came with 2:09 left when Z-Bo told Poppa Perk he was going to "beat his ass" (0:06 in the video below) and both were ejected.

I don't know why Poppa Perk is trying to sabotage my fantasy team.  Maybe he is still upset at my constant ragging of Russ Russ, maybe he is still emotionally distraught about the loss of Smooth J and Jeremiah, but there is no reason to bait Z-Bo, my double double machine, into threatening to beat his ass.  It's just not right, Perk.  Why would you do that to me?  I loved you, man.  If the DeMarcus Cousins off court altercation set any kind of precedent, I'll be losing by boi, Z-Bo, for a couple games at the end of the week.  Granted, Cousins has a history of stupidity and his confrontation was not with a player, rather an announcer, but I'd still imagine Dictator Stern will react swiftly and harshly.

The ejections led to a (alleged) square off outside of the teams locker rooms that Z-Bo commented on after the game.

Update: As I earlier hypothesized, it was Poppa Perk who baited Z-Bo into the "I'll beat your ass" comment with his preceding comment, "I'll meet you by the bus".

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