Saturday, November 3, 2012

Notes on a big night in the Association

Bunch of games last night so we'll go quick hits here.

  • Bobcats over the Pacers, with 30 from Kemba to snap a 23-game losing streak?!  I really hope he discovers his UConn form, he is such an exciting player to watch.
  • "Don't call me big baby" Davis puts up 29 & 10 to get a win over the now 0-2 Nuggets.  Maybe need some time to gel up there in the Mile High City.  Also, Hedo breaks his hand.  Magic should have an interesting season.
  • Bucks over Beantown!  Brandon Jennings getting his casting room couch game on.  Rondo with a usual but still great 14 & 11, but not enough when you can't get more than 15 points from anyone on the team.
  • Looks like Smooth J is out to show the ol gun slinger Presti what he's missing.  45 points?!  And I said GOD DAMN.  82 points in 2 games for a non-rookie on a new team - that's an NBA record, folks.  Life couldn't be off to a better start for him and Jeremiah.
  • Bulls beat up on the Cavs with a well-rounded effort.  15 & 4 ain't going to push your team towards that 8-seed, Kyrie.  Needs to be better.  
  • Well, the Knicks certainly came out to prove something to the city after the disaster, huh?  I had a feeling this was how the game would go.  The whole Knicks team (especially Melo - he is a treat to watch when he's shooting like that) was unconscious in the first quarter, and aside from a little second quarter burst, the Heat could never get back into it.  Ever think you would see another game where Rashard Lewis outscored DWade?  Also, nice to see the main man himself upping his rebounding game so far.  He's looked real sharp so far this season.  Plus, SHEED GOT MINUTES!
  • Hornets pull out a last-second win over the Mormons.  Unfortunately Anthony Davis got a concussion from an accidental 'bow from Austin Rivers.  Doesn't seem like anything serious, and hopefully not.  I really think Davis is going to end up as an MVP and legit star, so you never like to see concussions early in a career.  
  • RussRuss avenges his subpar game 1 to put up 32 on the Blazers, with the help of 23 & 17 from Smoove.  They also got a nice 19 from KMart.  Damian Lillard put up another nice game.  He'll probably challenge Davis for ROY (unsuccessfully though).  
  • No Love, No Rubes, still picking up a win over the Kings, led by Barea with 21.  This is a rant for another day, but the Kings need to blow things up and start over.  Blow it all up.  There's no way you should be such a bottom feeder with a duo like DeMarcus and Tyreke.  I know part of it falls on those guys, but, like Washington last year, there's just a terrible locker room culture and that will cripple you.  I don't want to see it ruin Thomas Robinson.  
  • The Polish Hammer puts up 16 & 16 to secure a win over the lowly Pistons.  Not exactly a high-profile game, but the Suns had 5 players with over 13 points, so nice all-around game.
  • Grizz over the Warriors.  ZBo tried to block Brandon Rush, instead knocking him off balance and ending up with what looks to be a nasty knee injury.  Really was unintentional, and Bo seemed pretty shaken up by all of it.  Golden State couldn't keep it together after that and came away with an L.
  • Finally, the battle of Los Angeles.  So much to say!  First things first, Chris Paul is a fucking BOSS.    18 & 15, all around awesome game by one of the top players in the league.  He has a serious chance to be MVP this year, and I hope he does.  His game is unreal (Sidenote: he has led the league in steals in 4 out of his first 6 seasons.  That is stupid).  So, onto the scene in LA.  First, they lose with Gasol going for 23 & 13.  Then with Howard at 33 & 14.  Then with Kobe gunning (for 43 minutes? Really Mike Brown?) for 40.  Safe to say they have some things to finger out, mainly letting up 107ppg.  But I will get great joy in watching them lose while they do.   

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