Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bosh vs Kyrie: Who Should Start?

Rajon Rondo tearing his ACL created two openings in the All-Star game: A general player replacement (Fairly given to Brook Lopez), and a replacement in the starting lineup.  A recent Heat win secured them the best record in the East at the halfway point, meaning Erik Spoelstra and his staff are assuming the coaching duties, and are allowed to choose the final starter.  This has been wittled down quickly to two choices: Club namesake Chris Bosh, and second-year phenom Kyrie Irving.  Bosh has made no secret of expecting to be named starter.  But should he be?

Let's try to look at this.  Bosh is obviously playing on the better team.  Miami is leading the conference, while Cleveland sits in 13th position, 18.5 games back.  I don't need to remind you about the quality of Boshs' teammates.  The best thing Kyrie had going this year was Anderson Varejao, ane he's out for the season.  It's safe to say Kyrie carries a heavier load.
But what about the numbers?  Kyrie is checking in at 24/5/4 & 2 steals with 47/41/81 shooting splits.  Bosh 18/2/7 and 1 block, posting 55/27/81 shooting.   Kyrie posts the 13th-best PER at 22.78, with Bosh sitting in 22nd at 20.61.  Again, advantage Kyrie. 
Kyrie is doing all that is asked of him and more, while putting on some jaw-dropping performances and carrying a really terrible team.  Bosh isn't playing poorly by any stretch; it's no secret he gets overshadowed and generally under-appreciated.  But when you have an open PG slot, and the best young player/PG in the league making his first All-Star game, why not reward him?  You really need to put Bosh in, making the Heat the first time with 3 ASG starters since Magic's early 90s Lakers?  Come on, Erik.  Do the right thing, let Kyrie get a chance to shine and be in the starting lineup.  Who doesn't want to see him and BronBron and Melo carving up KSmoove? 

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