Monday, February 18, 2013

Bosh Spice had a bad All-Star Sunday

Seems the Miami Heat went in to All-Star Sunday with one goal in mind, look stupid as shit.  While LeBron was busy getting demoralized by Kobe, the Boshtrich was trying to see if he could spread his feet far enough apart that Tony Parker on CP3 would physically try to dribble through his legs.  Unfortunately, they did not, but they did succeed in pulling a Jamal Crawford with Velocibosh.  Getting megged twice while shooting 3 ridiculous air balls makes Coach Spo's choice to start the namesake over Kyrie a laugher. 

Bosh's bad day didn't end there.  This morning, video from an All-Star weekend party hosted by Lil Wayne and Birdman surfaced where Lil Wayne boasts about piping Bosh's wife.  That's right, piping.

Have a little respect for yourself, Chris.  You're embarrassing yourself and everyone up in da club.

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