Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ricky the Kid up to his old tricks

Last night, while Minnesota was en route to their 8th loss in 9 games, this time to the Spurs, Ricky the Kid found the time to embarrass former Pitt Panter, DeJuan Blair, with a nifty little pass through his legs to my boy, Steimsma, for the layup.  Lately, former Pitt Panthers have made a living being embarrassed by younger, more talented players.

The Spurs are once again boasting the best record in the league at 39-11, 1.5 games better than the Thunder, and are winners of 11 straight.  No idea how it is possible that a team this good could be considered "under the radar" but that is exactly what they are.  Coach Pop just gets in done year after year with whoever he has on the court.

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