Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mosgov getting Mosgov'd

USC product DeMar DeRozan took his turn embarrassing tall white European men last night and hit on a repeat offender with apparently no pity. DeRozan has surprisingly benefited from the Raptors acquisition of Rudy Gay, averaging 18.3 points a game since the trade. With opposing teams focusing on stopping Gay, DeRozan has been given more room to do things such as this...

Yikes. Timothy Mosgov has been known to get embarrassed by smaller, more athletic men on the regular. He has built a reputation for being on the wrong end of many posters hanging in bedrooms throughout this great nation. His repetitive play has lead to the term "Mosgov'd"; as in getting viciously dunked on in front of thousands. You can see another perfect example below compliments of Blake Griffin. I suggest Timothy Mosgov find Roy Munson immediately to help deal with the struggles of  your last name becoming an unflattering verb

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