Monday, February 4, 2013

Real-life Uncle Drew

It's a known fact that Club postings grind to a halt on the weekend.  Ya bois have to take care of the VIPs, and there's simply no time for updates.  Especially when Club mainstay Kyrie Irving needs to throw a banger after playing one of the most absurd games of the season.  On Saturday night, the Thunder came to Cleveland for what figured to be a big win.  OKC sporting the second-best record in the L, and the Cavs coming off a loss to the Pistons in which Kyrie claimed he was "disinterested" and didn't play hard.  Instead of admitting defeat, Kyrie acted like the whole Thunder team was just a bunch of Joeys from the park:

35 points (12-23, 3-5 from three), including 13 in the LAST 3 MINUTES.  He showed it all: crafty bank shots, twisting layups, the best handle in basketball (those hesitation moves are sick), and balls of steel nailing another deep three, this time over RussRuss.  Beating the Thunder is tough when KD and Russ combine for 60/13/8/4, but to do it as a second-year player?  God DAMN.  I'll fan out on Kyire every chance I get.  That's just silly. 

Also, I'm really glad my opinions about him getting taken with the 1st pick having played like 5 games are not in writing. 

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