Monday, February 25, 2013

Psycho T not happy that Will Bynum punched him in his tummy button

Will Bynum picked up a one game suspension for his "unintentional" punch to the gut of Psycho T during the Pistons' 18 point loss to the Pacers on Saturday.  It infuriates me how stupid professional athletes think the public is.  Between Bynum saying Saturday's punch was intentional and Metta saying THE elbow last year was unintentional, it makes me want to finger a bunch of jalapenos and touch my eyes.

PS After watching the video above and the video I tagged earlier (below), it's safe to say Danny Granger is a bitch, right?  Teammates getting punched and thrown to the floor right in front of him and he's just standing at a safe distance and pointing at the bad guy.  "Daddy, he hit Ty in the tummy!  Put him in time out!"  Bitch.

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