Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kobe STILL not giving a fuck

On Friday pretty boy, Mark Cuban, was going over some hypothetical situations that teams are faced with under the NBA's new collective bargaining agreement in a hypothetical attempt to educate the public on the difficulties he and many other owners face.  During this impromptu enlightenment, Cuban chose to use Kobe Bryant as a hypothetical example of a player that an owner would have to consider amnestying in order to stay under the hypothetical luxury tax.

Turns out, Kobe wasn't impressed with Cuban's comments and took it out on  Cuban's Mavs on Sunday to the tune of 38 points on 13-21 from the field with 12 boards and 7 assists for a 103-99 Laker win in Dallas.  (Side note: if the Lakers have any shot of winning games when Kobe takes 21 shots, he needs to make at least this many which he has not done.)  After the game, Kobe bestowed on us the single best tweet of all time.

The Mamba knows he's at a point in his career when he can say whatever the fuck he wants and lucky for all of us, he is.

Mamba out.

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