Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Warning: Insane Sixers Rant Below

Could it get any more soft than Spencer Hawes?  Seriously.  This guy is 7'1" and insists on playing at the top of the key where he makes a living bricking jumpers and trying to be a point guard.  Here's an idea, Spencer, why don't you get your fat fucking ass under the basket and let your All-Star point guard worry about running the show?

I had the pleasure of watching the Clippers dunk on the Sixers every way imaginable last night as they rolled to a 107-90 victory at the Wells Fargo.  The Sixers trailed by as much as 32 in the game and the 17 point margin of victory does the Clippers dominance no justice.  It was thorough.  It was complete.  It was powerful.

My disgust for this team peaked when Hawes let chubby chaser, Blake Griffin,  dunk of him for the one millionth, one hundred seventy six thousandth, five hundred and sixty fourth time.  Have a little self respect, Spencer!  The guy is making your sexy girlfriend wetter than the Atlantic with every dunk and not once does it go through your head to foul the guy?  Maybe don't let him put his dick in your face on this trip to the hoop?  Put him on his back and maybe next time he'll think twice about putting his balls in your eye.  Instead, you let him to the rim relatively uncontested where he throws down on you so hard, fucking Evan Turner starts giggling like the little school girl bitch he is.

I am so happy I only have to deal with Spencer Hawes for one more year.  He is a poor man's Pau Gasol and I hate Pau Gasol with the fire of a thousand suns.

That leads me to Evan Turner.  He has to go and he has to go now.  Get him out of here before the trade deadline.  He is a bust.  His wild inconsistency is doing nothing but hurting this team.  I get that he is having a career year.  I get that he has 10 double doubles this year which takes his CAREER total to 17.  He will NEVER be able to carry this team.  The Sixers still have a viable trade piece in him solely based on his potential.  Get him out of here while you can still get something for his bum ass.  For him to be sitting on the bench giggling at Blake Griffin dunking on the marshmallow is completely inexcusable.  Obviously cares about this thing a lot less than the fans.  His response after the game about his reaction, “I wasn’t celebrating or nothing. I felt bad for my boy and how he’s forever going to live on in highlights.”  You felt bad so you were laughing?  First you suck at basketball then you insult my intelligence?  God damn!  Good riddance, Evan.  I hope that you stub your toe on the way out.

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