Friday, February 22, 2013

Thoughts on Last Night

The two showcase games last night both ended in blowouts, but still raised some interesting points for the League.  From the first game: Miami is starting to roll.  9 straight wins (10 of their last 11) including the last 7 wins by double digits.  That streak includes wins over Brooklyn, Houston, Lakers, Clippers, OKC, and Atlanta.  Ranked 1st in Offensive Efficiency, and 9th in Defensive.  Starting to really distance themselves atop the East, and settling into the 2nd best record in the NBA.  Beating a Rose-less Bulls team isn't much to write home about, but holding them to 67 points and forcing 27 turnovers is.  Playing great ball, of course with LeBron at the helm.  30 points, 8 rbs, 7 asts, 2 steals over the past 11 games on 66% shooting.  They have to be considered the favorites right now.

On the other side of the League, the Spurs are surging into the best record in basketball, highlighted last night by a thorough ass-whooping of the Clippers.  Tony Parker put up 30 and 7 assists with 0 turnovers (Compared to CP3 going for 4 points and 3 assists?!?!) to lead the Spurs to their 16th win in the last 17 games!  The Clippers are still 2-1 this season against SA, but I really question whether they have what it takes to beat such a disciplined team like the Spurs, especially when it gets down to coaching battles between Pop and Vinny. But this comes back to the same old story with the Spurs - will they deliver in the postseason?  More importantly, will they beat the Thunder 4 times in 7 games?  Last season's WCF was such a wild swing, I really don't know what to think.  But they're running away with the 1-seed, and barring any huge series from the Clippers or another darkhose, setting up for another great series, and a ticket to lose to Miami in the finals. 

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