Monday, February 4, 2013

Metta can't hide Ron Ron forever

Yesterday Metta World Peace returned to the scene of the crime and he couldn't keep Ron Ron down.  With 1:45 to go in the second quarter, Metta and Brandon Knight got tangled up under the basket and Ron Ron came roaring out in a fit of crazy where its pretty obvious that he threw an uppercut at Knight's jaw (:19 second mark in the video below).

Of course, just like the elbow heard round the world, Ron Ron retreated back into the depths of Metta almost immediately and Metta went into damage control mode, trying to justify the 'inadvertent' contact.  My guess is Metta's reputation will proceed him on this one and he'll be logging some 'me' time at the mercy of Dictator Stern.

Don't look now, but the Lakers are winners of 5 out of 6 and playing pretty good basketball.  Kobe wants number 6

PS The Kobe to Earl Clark half court inbounds pass at the end of the first half is one of the best passes I've seen this year.

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