Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adios, Sacramento

Reports are abundant this afternoon that the Maloof family will finally sell their majority stake of the Sacramento Kings franchise to a group seeking to relocate the franchise to Seattle.

This move has been expected since the Maloofs and the City of Sacramento were unable to finalize a deal for a new arena last year. The Maloof brothers have been losing their millions by the day and this move was somewhat expected. I mean, what other NBA owners could you see reppin Carl's Jr?

Yesterday the Club requested a NBA team come back to Seattle, and in under 24 hours, apparently the request will be granted.

The only question left to answer.. will the Kings nickname move with the franchise, or will the SuperSonics once again reign supreme in the upper Northwest?

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  1. Some early favorites:
    Seattle Shotguns (RIP Kurt)
    Seattle Salvia Hits
    Seattle Battle
    Seattle Oklahoma City Thunder 2

    -You Me & McKie For 3