Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh shit (part 7)

I really don't want to over-use this Paul Pierce wheelchair scale, but if dudes are going to be falling down left and right all season, well, my hands are tied. 

Which takes us to our nations capital, where John Wall has FINALLY been able to start playing.  Great to see him out there and I hope he can get back on track to being one of the best young guards in the League.  He looked pretty great while sending Ish Smith (Ish?  Seriously?) all over the place with a left-handed behind the back dribble.

Left hand, behind the back, defender falling, successful basket, John Wall returning AND a thorough Wizards win?!  This baby is getting the coveted 5 OUT OF 5 PAUL PIERCES.  Congrats Wall, we'll all do a dougie in your honor

UPDATE:  As it turns out, John Wall's crossup was an act of revenge!  Earlier in the game, Ish straight up jumped over John Wall going for a block.  He missed, but he turned around and got his:

As previously noted, Wall ended up with the last laugh.

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