Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Club Bosh takes in Sixers v BKNY

Chuck was kind enough to take me out on the town last night to South Philadelphia. We came in with high hopes for our hometown Sixers, who were just returning from a tough 8-game West Coast road trip (which they finished 2-6).  Not only did they have a tough road trip, but Jrue and the boys were on a 3-game losing streak, and 3-11 in their last 14(!!!!) coming into last night.  Their playoff hopes are slowly slipping away, and what better time to start turning things around than a game against a  legit divisional foe who is rounding into form. 

A decent but uneventful first half saw Brooklyn lead by one.  Jrue was playing well, and Spencer Hawes was hitting some midrange shots (while not collecting any god damn rebounds).  Beyond them, it was rough.  ET was chucking up a lot of ill-advised shots, and Nick Young, HOLY HELL NICK YOUNG.  Guy fucking sucks.  It's crazy to watch his game in person.  Shot the ball as soon as he got it for probably his first 5 touches, missing everything.  But the third quarter saw Philly completely and utterly collapse.  Some of the worst basketball I've watched in a long time.  The Sixers scored 4 points in the first 7 MINUTES of the quarter, en route to being outscored 35-14, and sealing the game for Brooklyn.  4th quarter was meaningless and unwatchable.

  • Jrue finished with a nice 19 & 8, and is the only player besides RussRuss to average over 18&8.  The talent level drop-off when he goes to the bench is absurd.
  • Deron and Iso Joe were hitting a lot of tough shots, which doesn't make things easy.
  • Ya know what else doesn't make things easy?  When Reggie god damn Evans has 23 rebounds and DOESN'T PLAY IN THE 4th QUARTER.
  • The Sixers were truly miserable to watch after half, and the crowd let them hear it.
  • Even if Bynum comes back, it looks like it may not be enough to salvage the season. 

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