Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to play the Feud!

Boston Celtics Coach Doc Rivers has made hundreds of game plans while coach of C's. None will be like the one he has prepared for tonight's game, when he will face his son Austin and the New Orleans Hornets.

Truthfully, Doc does not seem terribly excited about the chance to coach against one of his kids..

"I've always thought he had a shot of being in the league, but I never thought about coaching against him. You don't ever think about that part. Then when he gets drafted you think, 'Wow, I'm going to go up against my son.' Not literally, I'll be in a suit and tie, so I can't do anything. But, again, it's just something -- I'll be glad when the game's over. I can put it that way."

While the conflict in Doc's mind is somewhat expected, the actual game could provide some very interesting dynamics. How will Doc defend his son when he is on the court? If Austin Rivers has an easy path to the bucket, will the Celtics players hesitate to throw a hard foul?  

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