Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the PELICANS?!?!

Sources close to the club can confirm another franchise altering development soon to go down in the Association. It appears as early as the end of the week, the New Orleans Hornets will be dropping the Hornets moniker and instead changing their names to the Pelicans.

Here is the rumored logo the team will adapt. Yes, the Pelicans. What an inspiring and intimidating name for a franchise.

Louisiana apparently has some odd Manti Te'o type fascination with the bird. While I can attest to the Pelican at least being real, the bond between state and bird seems a bit odd. The Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana(fine), but the bird also appears on the Louisiana State Flag, Louisiana License Plate, & the State Painting.

Who the hell knew states had paintings?

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