Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reggie Evans is Not Impressed

Today, Reggie Evans (he of career averages of 4pts and 7rebounds) took time in an interview to state that he was unimpressed with LeBron and his sidekicks winning the title last year.  "It doesn't prove nothing. That was a lockout season." He went on to say "LeBron is no different from Joe Johnson or Andray Blatche. No different." 

I guess there's not much reason to spend time debating the comments of a player who has averaged about 19mpg for 7 different teams over the years.  We could talk about the fact that LeBron is 16-0 lately against the team formerly known as New Jersey, or that the Heat have beat the Nets by a combined 43 points, or that he has at least 20 points in 19 straight games against NJ.  Instead, let's just watch that game last year where BronBron scored 17 straight in the 4th to beat NJ. 

Also, saying it "doesn't count" because it was a lockout year?  Please. 

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