Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh shit (part 8)

In the early stages of what would turn into a Heat route of the Reggie Evans-led Brooklyn Nets (0 points, 6 rebounds for the man with the big mouth), Joe Johnson left Bosh tumbling like a drunk idiot into Haslem with a sick crossover. 

Nasty, and he made the shot!  Bosh isn't someone who should be guarding a quick wing player like Iso Joe, but he shouldn't get so embarrassed either.  That looks like what would happen if I were guarding him, not an 8-time All Star.  So let's break this down: Crossover to Bosh tripping over himself, made shot, against an inferior defender for the position, AND the Heat wiped the floor with the Nets (making the bench shit-talking all the better).  Getting 3/5 Paul Pierces here.  Nice work, Joe. 

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