Saturday, January 19, 2013

Couple MASSIVE throwdowns last night

As reported in da club this week, J-Smoove seems to be on the outs in Atlanta due to a strange practice incident in which Smith intimidated Coach Larry Drew with some of his "physical attributes".  The media has reported potential suitors include the Mavs, Rockets and Grizzlies but sources inside da club peg the Philadelphia 76ers as the dark horse.

Trade rumors aside, J-Smoove made Brook Lopez look silly last night with a throwdown so aggressive that Robin Lopez woke up in a cold sweat.  Lopez was even able to get a shot to Smith's head that only served to anger the beast.

Last night, Serge Ibaka played one of our favorite roles here in da club, the European Center that loves getting facialized.  Vince Carter channeled his Vinsanity days and not only embarassed Ibaka but the entire country of Spain.  Sources at the U.S. Embassy in Madrid have reported that Spain is considering blocking all U.S. tourists for the next year to try to discourage future teabagging incidents.

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