Saturday, January 19, 2013

K. Smooth shows the world why he will win the MVP this year

Holy shit.  What a game.  In all honesty, this was probably one of the uglier 50 point games of all time. K. Smooth shot a mortal 13/31 from the field including a dismal stretch in the 4th quarter where he missed 8 straight shots to let the Mavs back in the game.  He made up for it in OT though, hitting 2 huge 3's and a ridiculous step back, fade away that would make Kobe proud.  While K. Smooth was human from the floor, he was an astonishing 21/21 from the line and 5/9 from 3 to finish with 52 points.  He also threw in 9 boards, an assist and 2 steals in 50 minutes.

What I think is amazing about this game and this performance is the way that Smooth continued to fight.  Most players in the league would defer to the #2 when going through a cold stretch like he hit in the 4th, but he kept playing his game and rewarded OKC with a gritty, OT win in Dallas.

I think Kareem hit the nail on the head this week when he said we could be watching the best scorer of all time.

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