Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LeBron & Baracky

The 2012 NBA Champion Miami Heat got their final prize from their title run this week with a visit to Baracky at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. The Heat's stars certainly didn't miss the opportunity to show their terrible fashion choices to the President and to all those unfortunately in attendance.

First, D. Wade brought his wifey with (good call), yet managed to pick these kicks for his return trip to the White House. Turrible. LeBron went with the hipster vibe and wore the ridiculous glasses similar to those in favor last summer during the postseason.

Can't say I understand the champions of professional leagues taking up the President's time annually(even the WNBA?!), but nonetheless it must be a great experience. And without these trips we wouldn't have this pretty sweet picture of DWade, LeBron, and former President Clinton.

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