Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bulls Beat Down High School Team

Wait a second, that was actually the Hawks!  When I first saw this story, I thought the Bulls were the team on the receiving end of the beat down and this story was going to be all about how bad the Bulls need Poohdini back on the court.  Man, was I wrong.  Josh Smith, Al Horford, Lou Williams, Jeff Teague; all respectable basketball players, should be completely embarrassed.  I'm not talking just embarrassment over the final score, but with the fact that some guy named Mike Scott, who only played 16 minutes and whose name sounds like one you would tell a cop in response to the "what's your name" question when you were caught drinking at age 16, led the Hawks in scoring with just 10 points.

I'll tell you what... if the Bulls can stay on this pace and make the playoffs and if Pooh comes back even close to his former self, their second round series with Miami is going to be a war.  It's already pretty well documented that D. Rose hates Lebron and the Heat are going to have no answer for Noah on the boards so the Bulls will average more than one shot per offensive possession. 

I am saying right now IF Pooh comes back strong, Chicago wins that series.

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