Wednesday, January 9, 2013

P.J. Carlesimo No Longer Choke Artist?

So as Larry so eloquently stated in his post below, we had the displeasure of watching the Nets shart in the Sixers' Cheerios last night.  The demolition means that the Nets have now won 6 of 7 since Prokhorov fired Avery Johnson and replaced him, at least on an interim basis, with the infamous P.J. Carlesimo.

The whole time we were sitting in our swanky, 200 level seats, I could not get over the fact that this was the same P.J. Carlesimo who in 1997 was choked by and then punched by Latrell Spreewell, who judging by the latest news has really been an upstanding citizen since retiring.  The incident occurred at a practice after P.J. told Spree to "put a little mustard" on his passes and Spree responded that he was not in the mood for criticism and P.J. should keep his distance.  As we all know, P.J. didn't keep his distance and the rest is history.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up now is that the Nets have a guy on their squad that has a career marked in bad attitudes and off court problems much like Spree.  That guy is Andray Blatche, who as of Monday night was being questioned in a reported sexual assault case involving two members of his entourage.  Sources close to the situation have reported that when police arrived at Blatche's hotel room, they found multiple pills of a date rape drug.  Although Blatche has been surprisingly productive this year, P.J. is not going to tolerate an off court distraction.  There have already been rumors around the Brooklyn locker room that P.J. has confronted 'Dray about his bad behavior and he responded for P.J. to "stay the hell away".  Seems to me to bring this P.J. coaching thing full circle, the next step to this story should be some type of 'Dray homage to the infamous 1997 choke.

Here's to hoping for a full scale Nets' implosion.

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