Friday, January 25, 2013

DOTY Candidate: Swaggy P

Dunk of the Year Candidate compliments of Swaggy P:

The Liberty Baller raises sky high to posterize Bucks Center Larry Sanders (who currently leads the league in blocks at over 3 per game). Not too shabby for the University of Southern Cal product.


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  2. "Noodles" as he was called at SC (no idea why), would do this once or twice a game at SC. He'd be 3-16 from the field but then he would get a pass on the baseline and just go up and put one hand on the soft Oregon State player's face and the other through the entire rim, ball included. I would proceed to walk up and down the aisle shaking my head and slowly de-clothing until i was just in socks and then politely exit the building.

    -Left Coast Pete