Friday, January 25, 2013

Kyrie Joins the Elite

The NBA All-Star rosters were announced this week and as usual some picks seem questionable at best. How does Steph Curry get left out of the Western Conference roster?!?! It is always tough to name the last couple selections, and even harder for the deserving players just left out.

One player that was not left out and was very deserving was Cavs Point Guard Kyrie Irving. Uncle Drew is currently the best young player in the league and has created a buzz about Cleveland basketball for the first time since... umm... well I'm sure you remember. Kyrie is currently 6th in the league in scoring at 23.7 per and has all around stats that are simply silly for someone that cannot buy an alcoholic beverage (except for road trips to Toronto, of course).

With his selection, 20 year old Kyrie joins an impressive list of legends who also made an All Star team before their 21st birthday. Here is the list:

Isiah Thomas

And now Kyrie. Impressive stuff. Enjoy the weekend, Clubbers.

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